Our products

How do I serve your desserts?

All of our desserts have slightly different defrosting or cooking instructions - please see packaging for more information. How you serve them is up to you; a scoop of coconut yogurt or some dairy-free ice cream on the side, maybe... experiment and enjoy!

How long will the desserts keep once defrosted / cooked?

Ideally, they’re best eaten the same day as we don’t add any preservatives or other chemicals to keep them fresh. We don't think they're likely to hang around long once you taste them though...!

Are your desserts vegan?

Yes - all of our products are vegan and are registered with The Vegan Society. We make all our desserts ourselves in a dedicated vegan facility, and are as careful as possible to ensure no animal products come on site.

Are your desserts gluten free?

No, they all contain whole grain spelt flour in the crust.

Are your desserts nut free?

No, they’re not. For the best nutrition, flavour and texture, all of our desserts contain almonds, and some contain cashew nuts. Traces of other nuts may also be present.

Where do you make your products?

All of our desserts are made with care in our purpose-built kitchen in Cambridge. Keep an eye on our social media for sneak-peeks into our lovely new kitchen!

What's the shelf life of Saintly Desserts?

All of our desserts have a Best Before date on them which is typically 6 months from manufacture (as long as they are kept frozen!). As we don't use any preservatives in the products, or plastic sleeves in the packaging, they may not be at their best if kept beyond this date.


Is your packaging recyclable?

Yes, we carefully source our packaging to be as low-impact as possible. All Saintly packaging is made from sustainable card, is plastic-free, printed with vegetable-based inks and is fully recyclable. Freezing also means less packaging is required, as frozen food is less likely to be damaged in transit.

Where do you source your ingredients from?

Wherever possible, ingredients are British and as local as possible. For ingredients that we have to import (such as coconut oil and coconut milk) we use certified sustainable sources.